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  • Meersburg on Lake Constance
  • Füssen

  • South Tyrol
  • Klausen
  • Bolzano

  •   Ötzi,   the Iceman !

    Lake Garda
  • Riva del Garda
  • Malcésine
  • Scaliger Castle

  • Italian Riviera
  • On the beach
  • San Remo
  • Nobel and others
  • Bussana
  • Bussana Vecchia

  • French Riviera
  • Monte Carlo
  • Nice

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        Without Foto:
  • The History of Canudos
  • Changing planes in Moscow
  • Small calendar story about the date of Russian Christmas

  • Oldtimers in Uruguay
  • Mercedes in Havanna

        Public Transport:
  • The green steam locomotive
  • Cuban camels
  • The Gas Bus
  • Horse taxi in Cuba
  • The Moscow Metro plan as a searching picture

  • Beautiful facades in Macau
  • Catalan facades
  • Ukrainian facades 1
  • Ukrainian facades 2
  • Ukrainian facades 3
  • Half-timbered houses in China
  • Odessa's beautiful Opera House
  • A winterday in Madrid

  • Caipirinha for 1 Dollar
  • Particularly tasty
  • Seafood
  • Bishop in cooking pot

        Monuments and Celebrities:
  • The Big Buddha
  • Richelieu far away from home
  • Picasso 1
  • Picasso 2
  • Famous movie stair
  • Rio's most scenic bridge
  • Däniken's runway of extraterrestrials

  • Snow at aquator
  • China's most scenic river
  • At 4900 m
  • 2500 m  x  16 km gorge
  • Dinosaurs

        In the Street:
  • Living figures
  • Sunday market in Xishuangbanna
  • Tango in the street
  • Looking for fools in Kiev
  • Cyrillic
  • Shirinovski on stage

  • Bussana Vecchia

    The village in ruins of Old Bussana

    The remains of San Egidio, the ancient cathedral, finished already in 1404, look the worst. A violent earthquake on 23rd February 1887 made a terrible mess of this upper village situated on 200 meters above sea level and cost the lives of 54 inhabitants. During the centuries there had already been smaller earthquakes as forbodings. The names of the dead are inscribed into a big wall at the entrance of the village.

    Since there had been many raids and plunderings by Saracens, Lombards and Genoeses along the coast, the local people sought a secure place. That's how, from 1050 on, Old Bussana on top of the hill had developped. In the 12th century one of the counts of Ventimiglia built his castle up here. One of his descendants had been the Black Korsar.

    From 1961 on, new inhabitants, mainly artists, have moved to the village, after a potter from Torino, called Clizia, had moved here in 1959.

    A winding road leads to Bussana Vecchia which turns off at kilometer 666 from the SS 1, the old Via Aurelia, between Arma di Taggia and San Remo. After approximately 1½ kilometres you'll get to the today's Bussana. If you continue for two kilometres on a much narrower road you'll finally reach the village in ruins of Old Bussana.

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